For Guys

Advice for guys

We are here to care for you in this tough time. We have male client advocates who are here to talk with you and help you during this process. We understand it is not an easy time; you just found out your partner is going to have a baby. This is a life changing idea for you to grasp a hold of. You are not alone during this time; come in today to talk with a friendly client advocate who is concerned with what you have to say.

If you can relate with any of the statements below, schedule an appointment today to speak with someone.

You have just found out your partner is pregnant.

Your partner has chosen to have an abortion with or without your consent.

You or your partner is considering abortion, adoption, or parenting and you need some guidance and more information.

Because of people who care for you, we are able to offer STI testing at no cost to you. If you are having sex, it is important to get tested. Schedule an appointment today!

I liked how much everyone cared and how knowledgeable they were. They made me feel very comfortable.

You can count on free:

  • Lab-Quality Pregnancy Testing
  • Pre-Termination Evaluation
  • Listening without Judgement
  • STI Testing and Treatment