Adoption is not an easy choice. Often, this seems to be the most difficult decision.  Regardless of its impact on your career, education, financial stability and relationships, the idea of carrying a child for nine months only to release her/him into the care of another family may seem emotionally impossible. However, if parenting a child at this point in your life would be difficult, this option may have some benefits you haven’t thought about.

Research has shown that pregnant teens and women who make an adoption plan are more likely to finish schooling, have better jobs and overall report a high level of satisfaction with their decision for adoption.

Adoption Options

There are many options to explore when you think about adoption. Remember, you get to choose the plan that you are most comfortable with.  Talking with an adoption agency is a good place to start, but just because you begin the conversation, doesn’t mean that you have to move forward.  Being informed is really important as you make a choice.  These are some of the plans available.

Closed Adoption –  Everything is kept very confidential.  The adoption agency chooses the adoptive family and information is not shared between adoptive and birth families.

Open adoption – The birth mom is able to choose their child’s adoptive family and they can communicate directly with them.  There is continuing communication with the family through pictures and letters and possibly even visits if that is what is agreed upon.  This gives the birth mom an opportunity to still be a part of her child’s life.

Partially Open – The birth mom can choose the adoptive family and receives updates and pictures but the child’s name and location are kept confidential. 

Thousands of women make this choice. This loving decision is often made by women who first thought abortion was their only way out.

Though Choices Pregnancy Services is not an adoption agency, our staff will help you explore this option further and answer any questions that you have.  Give us a call!  We are here for you.



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