Pregnancy Options

After you’ve confirmed your pregnancy, you might be feeling excited, scared or even confused.  These are all normal feelings.  You may have a choice in mind regarding your pregnancy or you might not be sure and that is OK.   It is very important not to rush into any decision at this point.  Take a deep breath.You have the right to have all the facts before you make a decision.  Take time to be informed and to see how these decisions will affect you and your future.

Before thinking about options, you need to confirm your pregnancy.  At Choices we provide confidential pregnancy testing as well as ultrasound at no cost to you.  It is very important to know the results and information these tests provide before considering any of your options.  We will provide accurate information on all of your options.

What are my options?




We know that many people might have input into your decision.  This decision affects you most of all and no one should pressure you into something that you are unsure of.  Your choice matters and our staff will take time to listen to your concerns and give you accurate and honest information as you consider your options. Making an informed decision is empowering!   You can ask as many questions as you’d like during your appointment.  You can trust us.  We believe that you matter!  We care about you and will treat you with care and respect and without pressure or judgement.  

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