Confirmation of Pregnancy

We provide free sonograms for clients to confirm pregnancy viability. Why is this important?

Just because you have had a positive pregnancy test, does not mean that you have a viable pregnancy (one that will continue to develop). In fact 25 – 30% of pregnancies end in miscarriage. (the baby stops developing or its heart stops beating, etc.) Knowing this information could keep you from having to make a decision to terminate the pregnancy or going through an unnecessary surgical or medical procedure.

Ultrasound can also check for an ectopic pregnancy (meaning a pregnancy that develops outside of the uterus). An ectopic pregnancy that develops in the fallopian tubes is life-threatening and needs immediate medical attention. This is important information for you to be aware of.

At the beginning of pregnancy the most common reason for having an ultrasound is to assess the developing pregnancy. For women considering abortion, this is very useful for making a well-informed decision. The ultrasound will give information about how far along the pregnancy is, the position and size of the embryo, the number of embryos, and the heartbeat.

Our Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographers and Nursing Staff have years of experience. All of our scans are read by our Medical Doctor.

I liked how much everyone cared and how knowledgeable they were. They made me feel very comfortable.

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