Advice For You

We have volunteers and staff here who have been in your shoes and know what you are going through. We have information we feel is essential for you to know and would like to talk with you. Stop in to talk and for the support you are looking for.

Sometimes knowing that the birth mother has a right to choose abortion or to carry her baby to term without your consent can leave you feeling like you have no responsibility for this pregnancy. But you are equally responsible because your involvement helped create the situation.

Talking to her openly is a good idea. Support is important for both of you as she works toward a decision. Be patient, supportive, and willing to help in the decision-making process if and when she needs you. Do not rush into anything, even abortion, as you may think it is a quick fix.

Take the time to learn and become informed about all of your options. Remember that this decision is hers to make, being there for support is the best thing you can do. After the decision is made, you will need to discuss the future.

They actually cared about me and my situation. They did not judge me.

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